Roz Prince & Joanne West
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Why list with Roz Prince and Joanne West


With thousands of homes sold successfully thru many years of selling real estate in your the Halifax,Dartmouth area we are very familiar with your community and the amenities that will be attractive to buyers. We can assist you in getting your home prepared for sale and offer advice on what may be worth spending money on to get your home ready for listing. It is worth calling us in for an interview well in advance of when you are thinking of selling your home!

Negotiation Skills:
We know how to negotiate having negotiated thousands of times on behalf of sellers and buyers – this can mean thousands of  $$$$ in your pocket.
We will protect your interests when an offer to purchase your home is written on behalf of a buyer. 
We have the experience and the solid negotiating skills to deal with all the intricate parts of the offer process. 
We have the knowledge which, in the world of real estate can save you thousands of $$$$ when there are issues with building inspections and other unexpected occurrences.
We know the “ins and outs” of the selling process. We will provide you with a full explanation of what to expect along the way.
We work full time in the real estate business and we keep up with the latest market trends.
We can recommend related services, such as appraisal, home inspection, legal, survey, contracting and other services.
Advertising & Marketing:
We are one of Metro Halifax and Dartmouth’s top marketing experts and we know where to  promote your home to get you the most exposure in the market.
We will develop a leading edge marketing program specifically for your home which maximizes exposure to the right potential buyers.
We promote ourselves extremely well on the Internet (which is the number one place buyers look for homes) and other mediums.
Social Media presence
We will listen carefully to what you say and will work tirelessly with you to bring you the best possible market value for your house.
Professional showing and feedback coordinator  
Professional administration to enhance the quality of our marketing and service
We will report to you on all market activity, advertising, showings, enquiries, feedback from other real estate professionals. We understand the importance of communication!
We are determined to exceed your expectations!