Roz Prince
796 Main Street Dartmouth, NS B2W 3V1 Phone: 1-902-456-6375 Mobile: 1-902-456-6375 Email Roz

Military and Relocation Specialist

I have over 30 years experience working with the military and many other professions. I understand the need for you to have your professional available through this very intense and stressful time. You don't have to worry about my availability and can focus on you during your House Hunting Trip. If for any reason I might be unavailable I will ensure you have another competent realtor to work with you.

I know the forms for the integrated relocation program (IRP) through Brookfileld and am familiar with relocation companies and their requirements. I will ensure paperwork is sent in a timely fashion.

I will help you find the best building inspectors, the best bankers, the best lawyers, and any other associated professionals you require.

  • I will organize any appointments required for home viewings, inspections and so forth  

  • I know the schools and amenities in and around Halifax Regional Municipality.

  • I possess a wealth of knowledge, and will negotiate in your best interests.

  • I will provide solds in the area you wish to buy so you know the history of the neighborhood.

  • I will send you listings via our automated home search program that suit your needs before you even get here so that you are completely up-to-date on what is for sale in this area and discuss your needs prior to arrival of course.

  • I can send links and/or provide information regarding anything that is pertinent to you, the areas you are looking and issues that are prevalent here in the Halifax area such as Radon Gas, Kitec plumbing, water, well, septic and environmental etc...

  • My goal is to send you home having had a successful and relatively stress-free house hunting trip so that you will tell others and if ever you move from the home you buy you will consider me to sell it for you!

House Hunting Trip Committment

We guarantee once you book  your HHT(house hunting trip), we will be available for  your needs as we are very aware of the stresses and time pressures  you face upon arrival. We have worked with hundreds of military members and relocations over the years arriving for their House Hunting Trip and one of the common complaints they have had about prior HHT's with other agents, is the agent was not at their disposal which caused them undue stress.


We will ensure that you will have professionals who are well trained and available to ensure your house hunting is as successful as possible. You will see as many homes as you wish to see in the initial first few days so you will be able to hopefully make some decisions by day two or three.


After negotiating a home purchase which we are very skilled at we will assist in organizing all the follow up that is required concerning inspections, lawyers, banking, insurance etc. You will receive highly organized checklists as well as any other information such as maps, newspapers, school information need prior, during and after your home purchase. 


We really do try to understand the stresses you face when you have been posted or transferred. 


Let us know when you are arriving (hopefully with some advance notice so we can we well prepared for your arrival!)