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Internet homebuyers love viewing properties with lots of photos. Poor photography actually drives potential buyers away. That is why we have invested in a top-of-the-line Canon digital camera. This camera helps capture the best qualities of mour sellers' homes. The photos are displayed in both album and virtual tour format. As a result, our listings are feature-rich and they engage consumers, encouraging them to contact us for more information. We take pride in the quality of my photographs of properties and try to take as many as possible. Sometimes rooms are just too small or perhaps there is too much stuff such as in a storage area. These types of spaces are not photographed.

So the idea is to present a sellers property with as many photos as possible of rooms and exterior spaces that are feasible to get in order to give the homebuyers what they are looking for!

So far it has worked wonderfully. Please feel free to share your thoughts and/or ideas that you feel may be useful in order that we can continually improve on the photogrpahic presentation of the properties we have for sale.