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My philosophyOur relationship with a client starts with covering aspects of buying or selling a home. As part of this plan we like to review all the expenses involved as well as talk about the newest inspections and issues that we are seeing in todays market.

We strive to serve as our clients’ real estate advisor as well as their negotiator. By assuming this role, we co-ordinate all activities involved with buying or selling a home to ensure you have as stress free an experience as possible. If required, we also tap into our network of partners and professional advisors (i.e. lawyers, bankers, building inspectors, etc).

Service and knowledge are a key component to the purchase or sale of your home or property. We use strategies such as doing our research,educating you properly, having a system, having a well organized network of professionals to work with and a prudent use of a 28 plus year level of knowledge and real estate experience. You have no idea what that is worth but we feel it can be a huge benefit to our clients. The purchase or sale of your home is monitored on an ongoing basis after a contract is negotiated. We'll guide you through all the conditions of the agreement and ensure all timelines are followed.

We make ourselves as accessible to clients as possible within reason of course. We take pride in being as efficient as possible and responding as quickly as humanly possible in any given situation.

We believe that our best client is one who is fully informed. As a result, we have a strong commitment to client communication through phone calls and emails, as well as a regular contact about homes that come for sale or in the case of sellers regular contact about marketing etc.

Our business thrives on personal recommendations so our ultimate goal is to have done such an exceptional job selling you a home or selling your home, you’ll continue to recommend our services to others!