Roz Prince
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Relocation Experts

We are on the IRP list and have been involved with relocations for over 30 years each!

We have worked with many military members and are very familiar with all forms and the process of a relocation move.

We have worked with RCMP members and many levels of government relocations as well as those in the banking, oil and other industries that relocate their employees.

We have been dedicated to looking after buyers and sellers in the Dartmouth and Halifax areas as well as surrounding areas. We are highly systemized and organized to help you navigate through the paperwork during a very stressful time in your lives.

We have been filling in reports for many different relocation suppliers and companies for so long we are actually very good at it! We are extremely familiar with the processes and are willing to work hand in hand effectively with the company, corporate entity or supplier that you have to wrok with. We understand the importance of getting the paperwork done on your behalf because it all relates to your reimbursements.