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The Power of the Internet

Our Website:

Internet homebuyers require high-quality listings with lots of data and photos. That's why our website listings include the following features:

  • Google™ Earth Mapping: Using geo-coordinates, your listing will be integrated into the world’s most powerful and informative map. Potential buyers can see satellite imagery of your home and neighborhood along with nearby schools, parks, stores, etc.

  • Virtual Tours and Photo Gallery: We will add up to 36 digital photographs to your home’s listing. These photos will be presented in a virtual photo gallery and in a slideshow accompanied by music.

  • High Quality Photography: We have invested in a super quality Canon digital camera in order to best showcase our clients' homes.

  • Seller's Area / Online Reports:  You can impart details regarding your property that help with the sale of your home by touching upon the right information that potential buyers may be seeking. You may also access private reports which show your listing’s website activity.

  • Neighbourhoods: Buyers search for homes by neighborhood thus our listings are categorized and named accordingly. When buyers perform home searches online, they find our website . . . and they find your home!

  • Showcase Listing: Periodically your property will be displayed in a slideshow of photos accompanied by select details on my homepage to attract instant attention.

  • Listing Exposure: Potential buyers have the option of using RSS (‘Really Simple Syndication’ or ‘web feeds’) to automatically receive listing updates. When we add your listing or we update it, RSS subscribers will be notified via email. They can also sign up for a free auto home search which will email them listings which match their search criteria.

  • Listing Attachments: Potential buyers can download further information about your listing such as a printable feature sheet.

Search Engine Optimization

To increase the odds of your listing being found, we have invested a lot of time optimizing our website for better search engine placement. After all, there is no sense in having a website that cannot be found!

  • Content is King: While there’s no magic formula for getting a high ranking with the various search engines, we do know this: website search engines can’t index what they can’t find. That is why we always adding lots of original, relevant and keyword-rich text to our site – and it works!

  • Fresh Information: Too many website owners neglect the content of their site. After a while that content becomes outdated and irrelevant. This is especially true in real estate. The search engines love good quality, fresh content. In fact, they scour the internet regularly making note of all new content. Websites which are updated regularly end up nearer the top of the search results.

  • Website Linking: The greater number of high quality sites which link to mine, the better our site’s ranking. My site is featured on many such sites.

Listing Syndication

Since the majority of home buyers use the internet to search for a home, we will advertise your property on some of today’s biggest, busiest real estate websites. Call us to discuss the many different sites and marketing opportunities for your house.

Our Blog

A blog or ‘weblog’ is an online diary. we use our blog to journal about real estate here in the Halifax regional Municipality.

  • RSS Syndication: Potential buyers can subscribe to receive regular email updates each time we add to or amend your listing. They can stay informed without having to visit our website.

  • New Listings and Open Houses: When we add your listing to our website, make changes to it, or advertise an open house, we will also journal about it in my blog.