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CMAIn order to sell a home there are a number of approaches and strategies which a seller can choose when it comes to deciding on an asking price. Typically those who over price their homes do not get fast sales at all, stay on the market too long and get tired on the market. Eventually they often sell at a price that may very well be lower than if they had been more realistic in the beginning.

At the same time there is not an absolute exact science to determining the best asking price. There are many many factors as every home is unique from another in terms of condition, yard, decor, features, street, neighborhood and so forth. This is why it is in your best interests to have a professional who knows the market and does thorough research to show you the comparables, statistics and market information that gives you what you need in order to be realistic when you put your  home for sale so that it will sell in a timely manner at the best price. We all want the most we can get because we all work hard for our money but putting a house on the market with unrealistic expectations is very stressful and most often disappointing.

Professional real estate agents with ample experience in the business can save you so much time, stress and potentially money due to their negotiating skills and knowledge. We are up to date with so many issues - no different than in your job. The longer you work in your work place and area of specialty the more valuable you become to your employer. You know much more than someone who has never done your particular job. We live our profession due to the simple nature of the business being 7 days a week.

To provide your with a detailed Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), we would be more than happy to schedule an appointment to view your home. We can discuss market conditions and strategies when selling. We also like to discuss our powerful marketing plus the advantages of working with full service real estate professionals.

Any information which you can provide about your property is useful, especially the following:

  • Your address
  • The age of your home
  • The style of your home
  • The size of your home
  • Your home's features

To arrange an appointment  please email this information along with your name to . We will be in touch shortly.